Kitchen Tip – Eliminate Garbage Disposal Smells

Kitchen Tip – Eliminate Garbage Disposal Smells

For your garbage disposal I have a couple of kitchen appliance tips from Las Vegas Appliance Masters (

One thing is just let the water run longer, put the water on full blast and cold and after you put your food in here and turn the unit on, just let it run for even fifteen seconds or so, after you feel like it’s ground up.

The more water, the more it allows the blades to push all the debris off the inside of the unit. You are going to have less particle sitting in there to decay and to cause odor. Another thing you could do, when you are doing your dishes, if you are using this side of the sink and you’re covering it with the plug, just let it fill with soapy water and then when you drain the side of the sink, turn on the unit and let that soap do its job.

But one thing that really cleans the blades and the inside of the unit is once a month, if you could take some white vinegar and freeze it in your ice cube tray, by putting this into the drain and just putting your water on, let it grind and then shut it off, let that vinegar stay in side of the unit for fifteen-twenty minutes and that acid in the vinegar will break down particles, it will destroy odor and it does a great job with cleaning the blades.

The other thing you could do once a month is if you use baking soda in your refrigerator to absorb odor, they actually recommend that once a month you replace the baking soda. So you can pour half of the container down your garbage disposal, take a little white vinegar and pour on top of it and just let it bubble and fizz, you can turn the unit on for just two or three seconds, so that you spin this mixture on the inside and especially underneath this baffle. And just let it sit again fifteen-twenty minutes and that will break down a lot of bacteria that causes odor. So if you do this once a month, you eliminate your odor problem.

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Planning Your Kitchen Cabinets Using CAD

Planning Your Kitchen Cabinets Using CAD

One of the great things about modern computer aided drafting (CAD), is that it no longer costs a small fortune to have access to it and you don’t need a degree to make use of it for your own kitchen designs (or any other home designs, for that matter). We’ve been using it recently for our own kitchen remodel, and as soon as we’re done with this part, designing the new cabinets, we’ll be able to have a good idea of how it’s all coming together with our combination of new and refurbished appliances from Appliance Masters.

With the dimension tools of course I have a centerline dimension and end to end dimension, I’m going to show all of that when we get to the point after our wall cabinets are put in here.

Virtual Online Kitchen CabinetsThis dimension down here is a little bit larger than it should be because I’ve toggled that wall off to be invisible in our perspective view, so I’m going to come back in to our fore plan view and toggle that wall back from invisible to solid. That way our wall elevation will be more accurate and not show that extended area of wall covered by the invisible.

With our wall cabinet tool let’s go head and place our wall cabinet here, let’s go ahead and place our wall cabinet off to the right hand side of the cook range, let’s pull that up to be a 42” wall cabinet. I’m going to copy and reflect that around the cook hood, and then finally we’ll add one more above the refrigerator.

Let’s stretch that to be 48” above the refrigerator and then we’ll snap that down. If I open up that cabinet above the refrigerator I want to change the depth on it to be 24”, and now I want to group select so I’m going to hold down the shift key and grab all of those wall cabinets.

With the wall cabinets I want to match the base cabinet door style, so back in to the library for the door style, let’s find that European sea channel style door and select okay. Actually I missed the hardware option so let’s remove that hardware since it’s integrated.

We’ll do the same thing for the wall cabinet, door and drawer we’ll go in to the library here and find that European style, select okay, no hardware in this case and then finally for the drawer that we have below it’s the same exact thing with also no hardware.

Antique virtual kitchenNow I want to add a crown molding to both the wall cabinets and the full height cabinet, so again I’m just going to shift and select all of those cabinets. You’ll see a molding tab up here, let’s go in and browse in to our molding options. There’s a variety of crown moldings, of course edge moldings for your countertops, light rails, all the different moldings that you want to use and I’m actually just going to choose a basic molding profile out of the door and window casing.

Let me go ahead and change that to something like 2” high and then I’ve got both a vertical and horizontal offset I can change, for now I’m just going to offset that on top of the cabinet box to the same height as the molding itself.

Now finally I want to select these two wall cabinets and let’s go ahead and change those to a glass style, so what I’m going to do is actually use my material eyedropper, pick up the window and I’m going to apply that here to the different door style.

I’m going to adjust these cabinets here slightly and have them all line up, so I’ll make that 48”, make our cook range 102” and also pull this cabinet up to be 48” as well.

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