Fixing a Washing Machine Timer with Help From Appliance Repair of Austin

Fixing a Washing Machine Timer with Help From Appliance Repair of Austin

We’ve come to rely on our home appliances so much that we simply take it for granted that they’ll be there for us… until we realize that we’re in desperate need of an appliance repair of some kind!  The horror!  We came to this realization recently, just before we were to have family (along with 4 small kids!) come to stay with us for 10 days… and our washing machine stopped working.  Not a good feeling, let me tell you.

There are a lot of things that I’ve learned over the years as far as fixing things around the house.  But in this particular situation, my wife was in no mood for me to ‘tinker’ with things until I got it right. I needed to have this washer working normally within a day… or else!  (Or else what?  I don’t know, but I didn’t want to find out, either!)  So rather than fumble about, I decided to call in a favor from a good friend who works as a professional in appliance repair in Austin, TX at  Over the phone he was able to help me surprisingly well.

I figured with all that help I got, I should pass it along as best I could so that anyone else in need of a washer repair – in this case, replacing a broken timer – might not have to face the same ultimatum that I faced.  So… with that said, here we go.

Okay, so what we’re going to be doing here today is we’re going to be replacing the timer unit on this Kenmore washer – this will be very similar to any Whirlpool style washer…they’re all pretty much the same. So, let’s get started.

Okay, so what we’re going to do here is remove our end caps here…these just snap on – got these little clips here that hold them…a couple screws, one on each side. We’re going to pull them out. And this is set on some hooks…so this you need to slide it forward…it’s actually it’s hinged…so this won’t actually fall off…it’ll stay right on here…the hinge is here…so this just flips right back.

And here’s our timer here…okay, here’s our timer here – this one still has a little label…you can’t read’s attention technician…on how to remove this timer…a lot of times you’ll find it, especially on these older ones…this will be long gone.

So, what you want to do is pretty simple and there’s quite a few different models that use the same style. What you want to do is grab a hold of this little black thing here, in the center…a pair of needle nose plyers, and you want to pull it out a little ways…you’ll feel it pull loose, and what that’s doing is coming loose of the knob. If you try to pull that knob off like some of the other knobs come off you’ll snap this piece right off.

This piece actually comes right out…it latches in there. So you can leave that just laying in there…pull this right off…and then we have a couple little clips retaining this piece in…clear piece…pull it straight off…and we have a screw that’s holding the timer here…quarter wrench, we take our nut driver…take the screw out…we’ve already unplugged this unit also…and we can disconnect our wire here…and this timer here, when it comes out…you’ll actually see these little hooks here…and one on this side…this hooks in back, and the front slides down…now it’s hooked. So you don’t want to try and yank this off…you wanna slide it…pull that out…comes out, and that’s all there is to it…the opposite to replacing the timer.

So, we just put our screw back in…piece…now before you put the knob on…what you’ll wanna do is, you’ll leave this black piece out…and get your knob snapped in there…and then, push that in…that keeps it locked so you can pull it out…and then we just reassemble. I hoped this information helped you out.

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