Maytag Icemaker Replacement DIY Style

Maytag Icemaker Replacement DIY Style

Today we are going to do a replacement on an icemaker for the pull out bottom freezer that our friends at Appliance Masters got a call on recently. The tools required to complete this repair is a quarter inch nut driver and just a couple of different size flat head screw drivers.

So what we are going to do first here is we are just going to go ahead and remove the drawer, the lower door itself, just going to pull it out, lift it up, pull it right off here, now we are just going to remove the upper rack here, now we have got two Phillips screws at the top and one down here at the bottom so we are going to remove the bottom one first, they are actually quarter inch screws.

Maytag Icemaker Replacement 1Remove that and usually you can just loosen the two tops ones here a little bit, we are going to disconnect our main wiring harness right back here in the corner, lift the icemaker right up and off the two screws, the back one will have to come all the way out just like that, and you can see there with ice cubes in the icemaker, it just wasn’t ejecting them and as it was running, you could hear a grinding noise.

Ok so what we are going to do basically is strip off all the components off the old icemaker, remove from this side here so you put in your new icemaker, I will push it almost all the way in, put the other side here, make sure it locks in and out, we are going to pull the cover, a little bit of a tab on the bottom side, you can get a screwdriver in, pop that cover off like that, set that off to the side and that will expose the connector for your wiring harness, take a flat head screwdriver, just depress the tab, pull the harness out like that, you got your little inline fuse right there and you pull the connector that holds the harness off and we are going to reinstall it onto the new harness here and we are going to go ahead and snap that into place like that.

Maytag Icemaker Replacement 2Clip that in right under there, pull your harness guide, make sure that that snaps in, ok we are going to go ahead and take our fill cup, pop that off and we are going to snap the fill cup right here. Just like that, and we’re not going to put the cover back on quite yet, cause we’re going to test the new ice maker out, so we’re going to go ahead and mount this up in to the….back into the freezer here, so what we’re going to do, we’ve got one screw that’s still hanging there, put the ice maker and run it, got it in to the fill tube there, hanging on the one screw we have, on the inside, we’re going to put the other screw in, turn it down, now tighten your other screw that was loose back down, reconnect the harness in the back here.

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