Part 2 of Subfloor Removal

Part 2 of Subfloor Removal

Okay, so continuing on from the first part of this projet… So there is the cuts that I made. Another item you might want to have on is a dust mask as well when you are doing the cutting. This is basically, most of these materials are made out of compressed sawdust really, it can be kind of fine dust. So I’ve got my cuts made, right along here is the joint in the sheets and these are my saw cuts. So I’ll just start right on this corner.

It’s usually helpful if you could start at the doorway, it’s just easier to get under the edge of the sheet to get going. So you just start your bar under there. And I like to have a garbage can close by, some of the smaller pieces can go straight into it. We got our first one out of there, there is a nail that didn’t come up, pull it out and just keep going.

Bigger pieces I usually just stack into piles, because they just clog up the garbage can right away. So you can see as we go along, I am not sure, maybe you can’t see them, you can see that there is the old staple, nail that is still left behind, so I just go along with the pliers and pull that out right now while I can see them.

subfloor 5 When I sweep up and clean up, you’ll generally come across the other ones that you missed. If you get the majority now while you are already down here, just makes it a little more easier on you. So you go along and just kind of pull those out as you go. So you can see that making the cuts definitely helps in getting a little big pieces, otherwise you are trying to pry up the whole sheet that’s nailed down and usually breaks into real small pieces.

So just go along here, peel a couple more out. You can see now that I’ve got it started, I’m not even using the hammer for the most part. Once you got a piece started, you can also get your hand under there and just help to pull it up. That will also help the pieces to be a little bigger. So I’ve worked my way over to the next sheet and that next sheet I didn’t cut, because I thought I will show you what happens when you try to pry on a full sheet.

subfloor 4So I will just start here and you will see it,generally, just wants to break into small pieces. You can see how that wouldn’t be a lot of fun. If you can get it up into a bigger piece like this as opposed to stuff like that, it just going to go a lot quicker, a lot less mess.So basically that’s how I remove underlayment and like I said, if you have vinyl flooring, you could do the exact same thing.

Just set your saw, cut right through the vinyl. You could try to peel vinyl off, but it comes off as easy as this stuff we’ve seen here, but generally, it won’t come off that quick and easy. So I just cut right through it, if you are around some cabinets, because this was put down before any cabinets were in the way, so if you are leaving the cabinets in place, we could use a reciprocate saw and cut around the front edge of the cabinets and that sort of thing.

They also have those little orbital saws now, kind of oscillating, they would work, I think, all right for that too, so it would cut it free, so that you could remove all that from the main part of the room and relay whatever you are going to put down. So this was a nice short video. Don’t forget your safety gears, pretty important in here, because you are dealing with a lot of staples and dust and that sort of thing.

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