Toilet Repairs – Fixing an American Standard Toilet

Toilet Repairs – Fixing an American Standard Toilet

If you have an American standard toilet and you are looking to change the flush valve, there’s a few things you need to look for. When you go to your hardware store, one of the first things you need to look is the existing flap and in this case, I already took out the flap, just so you can see the bracket that holds it.

And this one here is the flush valve connected to a plastic bracket and it has two holes in it and this will accept two little nipples on the side of the existing flush valve. This is a style that came out of the toilet and you can see the two nipples off to the side of the base and if you are looking to replace this and you are running to your hardware store, you are going to need to know the style.

It’s much better if you can bring this in with you, because there is an American standard number four, a number five and a number six and they all have different body shapes and lengths on the tower here. So it’s important that you know which style you have and in many cases you can actually just pull off this rubber disc here and you can replace this.

And they’ll have a couple different styles, they’ll either have a snap in like this or they’ll have one that’s threaded. So again, you need to know the style before you go into the store. To show you an example of just one of the other styles, this is for an American standard, very similar, but rather than attaching to that plastic bracket inside the tank, this is designed so you use two brass screws, unscrew the whole assembly and then you’ll have to change it like this.

This will not fit into this toilet. So it’s very important if you are looking for a flush valve for an American standard, that you are looking at the existing pieces and if possible, bring them in with you when you exchange it at the hardware store.

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